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The system, called FleetOnlineSolutions™, utilises the Internet and ensures that operators receive agreed levels of service and pricing anywhere in Europe whilst minimising vehicle downtime. A further benefit is that it provides operators with on-line reports and full operational visibility. This is part of a major campaign of new product launches by Goodyear related to truck and bus tires aimed specifically at the fleet market.

FleetOnlineSolutions™ holds a database covering each contract-company's vehicles, locations, tyre policy, agreed terms and services covered. This means that a Goodyear service provider can almost instantly start work on a vehicle and complete the work to meet the customer's exact requirements despite that company being in another country with a different language. Payments are made automatically at agreed prices so there are no delays obtaining credits or agreeing prices. FleetOnlineSolutions™ can cover the full spectrum of tire services including regrooving, retreading, Roadside Assistance, customers' own tire stock management and the supply of other brands if required.